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Ram Kairam, MD

Guided by forty years of experience in the fields of Pediatrics, Neurology, program development and medical administration, Dr. Ram Kairam, a pediatric neurologist, is distinguished by his tireless efforts on behalf of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. In 2002, he began the Autism Treatment and Advocacy Center at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center to address the need for earlier identification and treatment of ASD in the South Bronx, a medically underserved and socioeconomically disadvantaged community. Aside from helping each of his patients to learn and live to their fullest potential, Dr. Kairam's emphasis on parental education and empowerment is critical to his approach to managing the Spectrum Disorders. He combines clinic and classroom in a way that puts the parent at the forefront of his/her child's care. Over the past 15 years Dr. Kairam has helped to diagnose over 2500 children with Autism. Dr. Kairam, with the support of a developmental pediatrician, two pediatric neurologists, a legal advocate and social workers, hosts a support group for parents of children with ASD to foster hope and solidarity in the face of this complex disorder to deal with the immense emotional and financial repercussions.


Dedicated to providing multi-dimensional support for individuals on the spectrum and their families, Dr. Kairam exemplifies a pediatric neurologist who is equal parts doctor, teacher, social worker and family advocate. Dr. Kairam's current agenda is to develop and implement to continue educating the autism community on scientific, evidence-based and proven information. He wishes to aid in educating both medical professionals and parents in understanding the "truths" about autism so that they are providing the best quality of care for individuals with this disorder.