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All About Me-All About Me is an application offering picture and text support to individuals learning their personal information. Twelve icons representing the child's name, address, birthday, home address, telephone number, family members names, pets, school, friends, favorite items, things I like, places I go and computer favorites are all included. These icons can be individualized with written text, audio and personal photos for added visual support.

Behavior Tracker Pro-Behavior Tracker Pro is an iPhone/iPod Touch application that allows BCBAs, behavioral therapists, aides, teachers or parents to track behaviors and graph them. The application was specifically designed to support the behavioral treatment plans for children with Autism.

ChoiceBoard Maker-ChoiceBoard Maker is the perfect app for creating customizable choice boards for the unique needs of individuals with communication challenges. It reinforces correct choice by expanding the selected image as well as playing the customized auditory rewards.

Dance Party Zoo by FizzBrain-Many children need practice is balance, coordination and rhythm. Dance Party Zoo is a fun way to do it! This fun dancing game helps children practice basic motor and balance skills.

Fizz Brain: Quality Learning Games by Real Classroom Teachers Developed specifically for children on the autism spectrum, these iPhone application games help children practice eye contact and expand their minds while earning fun rewards and playing

Game Factory- Game Factory's new release is a hybrid match and flash card game that allows parents to upload their own images and choose the concepts they want their kids to learn. Our app is unique because it allows you to become an active part of your children's education.

Grace Picture Exchange for Non-Verbal People-A simple picture exchange system developed By and For non-verbal people allowing the user to communicate their needs by building sentences from relevant images. It can be customized by the individual using their picture and photo vocabulary with the user taking and saving pictures independently to the app.

iAssist Communicator-The iAssist Communicator was designed for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Unlike other iPhone - iPod Touch applications, the iAssist Communicator is specifically focused on the needs of young learners and individuals on the autism spectrum and others who are more cognitively challenged. With the unique needs of these individuals in mind, the application incorporates photos rather than more abstract drawings, larger images and functional language.

iCommunicate-Create pictures, flashcards, storyboards, routines, and visual schedules. Record custom audio in any language. Converts any words with Text to Speech that do not have custom audio recorded. We include 100+ pictures(first 5 have audio) to get you started. Add pictures with your camera, or from your camera roll, or use online image search. Utilize as audio visual prompting tool or AAC device.

i Get It!-Educational applications for iPhone, iPad and iTouch. i Get It Applications are designed to support language skill development. The apps are meant to facilitate cognitive growth through building language skills. Applications are developed to encourage children to learn, explore, play and enjoy!

iMean-One of the first apps developed for Apple's new iPad is a tool to help autistic people communicate. Called iMean, it turns the entire iPad screen into a large-button keyboard, with text display and word prediction. It allows people who are speech-challenged to communicate their needs and ideas directly, distinctly and independently.

iPrompts- iPrompts is a mobile, visual support aid for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This app provides several picture-based prompting tools (no voice output) for caregivers to help individuals transition from one activity to the next, understand upcoming events, make choices, and focus on the task at hand.

Learn to Talk- Learn to Talk is an innovative flash card application for toddlers on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It uses both sight and sound to teach your toddler basic vocabulary words and boost their language skills. Highly interactive, colorful flash cards engage and motivate children to learn by themselves.

Model Me Going Places-™Model Me Going Places™ is a great visual teaching tool for helping your child learn to navigate challenging locations in the community. Each location contains a photo slide show of children modeling appropriate behavior. 6 locations: Hairdresser, Mall, Doctor, Playground, Grocery Store, and Restaurant.

My Choice Board-The primary purpose of MY CHOICE BOARD is to present a visual display of “choices” to those with limited communication skills. This gives individuals with Autism, communication delays or learning differences the opportunity to be independent and express their own specific needs and wants.

My Healthy Smile-The My Healthy Smile app was developed through a grant from Delta Dental of Minnesota to teach children about good oral health and to ease anxieties around dental visits. This app offers 11 audio & visual social scripts to show children what to expect at the dentist and how to have good oral care at home.

My Voice- Express yourself with MyVoice, the smart yet simple communication aid. Overcome speech and language challenges like aphasia and autism through groundbreaking features like location-awareness, downloadable phrase books and wireless customization from any web browser. With its lifelike voices and beautiful interface, MyVoice is the affordable solution you've been waiting for

OneVoice-Augmented communication devices can change how you interact with your friends, family, and world. OneVoice does less than most augmented communication devices. Why? Because making it easy to use is far more important than making sure it has every possible feature. OneVoice is designed to be easily understood by all ages. No more getting lost as you go too deep into multi-level categories, or losing track of where words are. The straightforward interface doesn't require hours of training to find words.

Picture Planner-Picture Planner is a day/event planner that uses images with prompts and reminders to help individuals stay on track. Totally customizable and mobile, Picture Planner is viewable on iPad and iPod touch. Create schedules on a desktop and sync to the mobile devices so Picture Planner goes where you go.

Proloquo2Go- Proloquo2Go is a new product from AssistiveWare that provides a full-featured communication solution for people who have difficulty speaking. It brings natural sounding text-to-speech voices, up-to-date symbols, powerful automatic conjugations, a default vocabulary of over 7000 items, full expandability and extreme ease of use to the iPhone and iPod touch.

See.Touch.Learn- This iPad Picture Card learning system makes traditional picture cards obsolete. Selected by Apple for their retail stores and a Top-Ten FREE iPad Education app in 15 countries. Thousands of stunning, high- quality photos, easy to use and highly effective, and designed specifically for those with autism and other special needs. Lessons designed by a Certified Behavior Analyst. FREE in the Apple iTunes store!

Skill Tracker -ProSkill Tracker Pro for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad automates ABA therapy (Applied Behavioral Analysis) instruction for children with Autism. STP allows unlimited clients and observers, optional video capture and charting/export of all data.

Smile at Me-"Smile at Me" is an engaging way to practice smiling in a safe setting - with fun rewards! Some children - particularly those with autism spectrum issues - have difficulty interpreting social cues that signal when a smile is or is not appropriate. "Smile at Me" provides quick repeated practice in interpreting these social cues, and rewards children for practicing appropriate smiling.

Speech Tutor: Pocket SLPA first of its kind in the field, Speech Tutor brings the latest in technology and animation to the world of speech. The animations inside Speech Tutor take the areas of the face that impede the view of tongue placement and positioning and make them transparent. Now one can literally see inside the mouth as the sounds are being made!

Speech with Milo- VerbsCreated by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, “Speech with Milo: Verbs” offers a versatile and entertaining speech therapy tool for children. The app is for speech therapists working with children, or parents who want to teach language skills to their children. The app offers an enjoyable tool used in therapy at a cheap price.

TapSpeak Choice for iPad-TapSpeak Choice for iPad re-interprets low- to mid-tech communicator for the iPad. It's a complete communication board editor and player that saves up to 75% of the setup time over conventional devices and virtually eliminates maintenance time.

Ther-Ad for Autism-Ther-ad for Autism is an evidence based video self modeling application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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